Eureka Self Storage

Self Storage Sizes & Rates

We are happy to consult with and advise on how to estimate the size of storage unit you will need.  Truly.  We are here to help solve issues and problems.   We are also loath to state what size of apartment or household (by bedroom) will fit into each unit.  Some folk are minimalist by furniture size and furnishing; some folk are positively Victorian on the other end. 

Unlike other facilities within a ten mile radius, we do not take blind reservations.  We want you to see our facility, and will give you a walking tour so that you can have a visual of  your unit.  We are committed to getting  you the size of unit you need, with no surprises on an over-selling of a too-large a unit, nor the worst surprise that you have too much stuff for a unit that you were sold on.

We do recommend a few sites that can give a good ballpark, virtual estimation of what you will be dealing with:

And let's let the chain providers help you, too:

Size(ft) Characteristics Rate
5x5 Climate Control $54.00
5x5 Indoor, non-climate $44.00
5x10      Climate Control               $97.00
5x10      Drive up                           $69.00
5x10      Indoor, non-climate $69.00
10x10 Climate Control $169.00
10x10 Indoor, non-climate $109.00
10x10 Drive up                          $109.00
10x15 Climate Control $209.00
10x15    Indoor, non-climate       $145.00
10x20 Drive up                          $175.00
10x20 Indoor, non-climate $175.00
10x20 Climate Control $249.00
10x25 Climate Control $299.00
10x25 Drive up                          $225.00
10x30 Climate Control $329.00
10x30 Driveup                           $249.00

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**Eureka Self Storage is proud to have service men and women as tenants.  For fully deployed troops, please call for rates/unit availability.  We are also conversant with the various reimbursement policies that vary given which branch of the armed services is doing the reimbursement.  Give a call.  We will match any military discount out there.  We also appreciate those who serve or who have served.  We give a standard 10% discount to veterans, and active first responders (fire/EMT/police) aside our already competitive rates.

**The only fee that we charge at the point of executing a contract is our Contract Origination Fee, which is $25.00.  This covers the costs of 1) keeping our very extensive and up-to-date contract compliant with changing state and local laws, and 2) The average cost of postage for the average length of stay.  

**We also require that EVERY tenant have a discus style/strong lock.  You may purchase one of those for $12.50 at the time you execute a contract.

**We also give a significant discount to those who pay months ahead of time.  1/2 off a month's rental, if you pay for six months.  One month free rental, if you pay for a year.