Size(ft) Characteristics Rate
5x5 Climate Control $54.00
5x5 Indoor, non-climate $44.00
5x10      Climate Control               $97.00
5x10      Drive up                           $69.00
5x10      Indoor, non-climate $69.00
10x10 Climate Control $169.00
10x10 Indoor, non-climate $109.00
10x10 Drive up                          $109.00
10x15 Climate Control $209.00
10x15    Indoor, non-climate       $145.00
10x20 Drive up                          $175.00
10x20 Indoor, non-climate $175.00
10x20 Climate Control $249.00
10x25 Climate Control $299.00
10x25 Drive up                          $225.00
10x30 Climate Control $329.00
10x30 Driveup                           $249.00

  PLEASE DO CALL FOR AVAILABILITY!!  CALL US for the better rates, or for the better placement on the lot.
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**Eureka Self Storage is proud to have service men and women as tenants.  For fully deployed troops, please call for rates/unit availability.  We are also conversant with the various reimbursement policies that vary given which branch of the armed services is doing the reimbursement.  

* 20% discount for active Eureka first responders (EFPD, Eureka Police, EMTS etc)

**The only fee that we charge at the point of executing a contract is our Contract Origination Fee, which is $25.00.  This covers the costs of 1) keeping our very extensive and up-to-date contract compliant with changing state and local laws, and 2) The average cost of postage for the average length of stay.  

**We also require that EVERY tenant have a discus style/strong lock.  You may purchase one of those for $12.50 at the time you execute a contract.  If you sign up for autopay, the charge defaults to the $25.00 contract fee.

**We also give a significant discount to those who pay months ahead of time.  1/2 off a month's rental, if you pay for six months.  One month free rental, if you pay for a year.