FAQ Sheet for Existing Tenants


Helpful Links/Policies Overview

Although the following policies, practices, and helpful hints are covered during the process of executing a contract on a storage unit, this page is intended to be a FAQ sheet for existing Eureka Self Storage tenants:


Manager's Contact

Text or email mgr.esstorage@gmail.com. This account pops over to the managers cell phone.


Emergency Contact

The emergency contact is posted at the entry to the office.

Rent Due Date

Your rent is always due on the monthly "anniversary" date of the day you executed your self storage contract at Eureka Self Storage.  That date is on your contract, and is on the gate code card given to you on that day.

Pro-Rate Policy

Eureka Self Storage does not pro-rate rent.

Online Payments/Account Management

Please DO sign up for online payments.   We promise it is quick and easy.   Plus, it saves trees and postage costs, since all communications/reminders, etc. can be sent to you via email rather than the USPS.  Hop on the main page of ESS (http://eurekaselfstorage.com) andjust click the link to make payments.  Assuming you have an email account, and who doesn't, and it is accurate within our tenant management system?  Good to go on your end.

Late Fees


Failed autopayments on credit/debit cards do not exempt a tenant from the 5/15/30 day fee-to-lien process.  It is the tenants responsibility to keep credit card information updated.

When a tenant is late on payments, the following actions occur:
After day five (5), the tenant's gate access is removed, in addition to a $10.00 late fee assessed to your account;

After day fifteen (15) in addition to the next $15.00 late fee assessment, your unit will be over-locked.

 At day thirty (30), your unit hits lien status, and an $85.00 fee is assessed. We will work with people who hit that stage of delinquency, but this does not in any way mitigate the seriousness of hitting lien stage. One of the benefits of renting with a family-owned, non-chain self-storage facility is that we'd prefer to treat people decently during difficult times. We do not move units quickly to auction/lien sale.  We would rather find an amicable solution to the problem at hand.